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The Society of Biological Engineers (SOBE) at UC Davis strives to promote meaningful interaction between EBS students and the faculty of the BAE Department. Our mission as an academic club has always been to provide our members with opportunities that will further and enrich their college experiences. We aim to create valuable relationships between our fellow students, in addition to our wonderful faculty, for greater connectivity within our department as a whole. Furthermore, SOBE is determined to host industry speakers and tours allowing students to gain a better sense of the the potential they have as bioengineers.

Upcoming Events: For more information check out the UC Davis SOBE Facebook page!

Contact Info: Lucy Knowles

President: Lucy Knowles ■ Vice President: Arash Afsarifard ■ Vice President: Peter Russell ■ Treasurer: Ben Evans ■ Secretary: Audrey Waddle ■ Outreach Coordinator: InFee Choi ■ Social Coordinator: Julia Cunniffe

ASABE Student Branch

"Providing the necessities of life. Innovators, collaborators, stewards.

ASABE members are leaders in the production, transport, storage, and use of renewable resources...with a constant eye toward the improved protection of the people, livestock, wildlife, and natural resources involved." -ASABE

ASABE 2019 Robotics Competition

See last year's results here.


Teams will be challenged to design a robot that will conduct autonomous inventory management in a plant nursery.


Checkout the guidelines here or read more below.

-4'X16' Playing field

-Use only one robot to compete

-21 plants simultaneously on the playing field

-Robots must identify them and move them to the storage area

-A "Golden Plant" will be placed in the center. Extra points for the robot which collects it first

UC Davis will be competing in the "Beginner's" division which means the team will be composed of undergraduate student competitors and graduate mentors

Interested in joining?

     We are looking for individuals...

          from any major

          with any amount of prior experience or knowledge

          who are really excited about robotics!


For more information, contact Vivian Vuong or Lucy Knowles.


Lucine Grigoryan