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Learn more about the variety of resources for undergraduate students in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.







Find out how to work with world-renowned faculty as a graduate student and be a part of the Graduate Student Association.







UC Davis Biological and Agricultural Engineering faculty perform a wide range of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.

Commitment to Diversity

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all have an opportunity to achieve their full potential.  The department promotes strategies to enrich the diversity of our students, staff, faculty and programs and embraces the UC Davis Principles of Community and the diversity policy expressed by the University of California Regents.



We are dedicated to the advancement of the discipline of biological engineering and to the conduct of research under its many diverse areas of application. Biological engineering or biological systems engineering is the biology-based engineering discipline that integrates life sciences with engineering in the advancement and application of fundamental concepts of biological systems from molecular to ecosystem levels. We discover, develop, apply, and disseminate knowledge for the sustainable production, management, and use of biological materials, and to educate students for this work.


Principles of Safety

We envision safety as a value and integral part of all quality work. This means safety is ingrained and ever present, and not merely a priority that may change over time. Safety is the right thing to do, it is the law, and we have learned first hand over the years that incidents are usually preventable. As your scholarly endeavors bring recognition to you, your lab group, and to our university, please make safety a value in your work.


University of California
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
2030 Bainer Hall
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616