Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Biotechnical Engineering

Biotechnology involves the handling and manipulation of living organisms or their components to produce useful products. Students specializing in biotechnical engineering integrate analysis and design with applied biology to solve problems in renewable energy production, large-scale biotechnical production, control of biological systems, and production of bio-based materials.

Students may focus on the mechanisms and processes for the sustainable production and use of energy from renewable biological sources. Students may also focus on the challenges in scaling up laboratory developments to industrial production, including genetically altered plants, plant materials and food products; production, packaging, and application of biocontrol agents for plant pests and diseases; and microbial production of biological products, tissue culture, and bioremediation. Students may also focus on the development of biosensors to detect microorganisms and specific substances, useful in the development of products based on biological processes and materials.

Biotechnical engineers work in the biotech industries on process design and operation, scale-up, and instrumentation and control.


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