Food Engineering


Agriculture contributes close to a trillion dollars to the U.S. GDP and provides about 10 percent of employment.  Food accounts for more than 12 percent of household expenditures and the food industry is one of the largest in the U.S.

Maintaining food safety and quality are paramount and require efficient processing, storage, and handling along with effective means of detecting and controlling quality and safety attributes.

Food Engineering Faculty

Gail BornhorstGail Bornhorst, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
3056 Bainer Hall | (530) 752-9329 | | Faculty Website
Quantitative methods to understand material transport, breakdown, and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract to improve food safety and quality, increase consumer health benefits, and optimize food processing operations; methods to utilize food process engineering to optimize food functional properties, such as nutrient absorption or allergenicity; mixing and particle dynamics during peristaltic flow.
Juliana de Moura-BellJuliana de Moura-Bell, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
2212 Robert Mondavi Institute - South | (530) 752-5007 | | Faculty Website
Extraction and fractionation of food components; bioprocessing techniques, enzyme assisted aqueous extractions; fermentation; supercritical and subcritical extractions, value added processing
Irwin Donis-GonzalezIrwin Donis-Gonzalez, Ph.D
Cooperative Extension Specialist
3024 Bainer Hall | (530) 752-8986 | | Faculty Website
Postharvest systems engineering; noninvasive evaluation of product quality; food safety; education and extension for postharvest systems
Ken D. GilesKen D. Giles, Ph.D
2030 Bainer Hall | (530) 752-0687 | | Faculty Website
Spray applications, including pesticide spraying and industrial spray coatings. Reduction of spray drift and environmental contamination.
Tina JeohTina Jeoh, Ph.D
Associate Professor
2044 Bainer Hall | (530) 752-1020 | | Faculty Website
Bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to fuels and chemicals. Microencapsulation of bioactives.
Nintin NintinNitin Nitin, Ph.D
Professor and Engineer
3160 Robert Mondavi Institute - North | (530) 752-6208 | | Faculty Website
Using a combination of interdisciplinary approaches encompassing biomolecular engineering, mathematical modeling, material science and molecular imaging to develop technologies for addressing key issues in areas of food safety and food for health initiatives, and to develop molecular imaging technologies from a single cell level to a whole body imaging.
Zhongli PanZhongli Pan, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor
3018 Bainer Hall | (530) 752-4367 | | Faculty Website
Professor Pan studies infrared heating technology for various food processes, including blanching, peeling, roasting, drying, disinfection and disinfestation. He also uses ultrasonic and pulsed electric field technologies for improving food processing efficiency.
Herb ScherHerb Scher, Ph.D
Professional Researcher
3037 Bainer Hall | (925) 376-3317 | | Faculty Website
Protection and controlled release of bioactive ingredients (Cells, enzymes and pharmaceuticals) via W/O emulsions, spray dry matrix particles and solid forms coated by a hybrid spray system.
David SlaughterDavid Slaughter, Ph.D
3042 Bainer Hall | (530) 752-5553 | | Faculty Website
Instrumentation and postharvest engineering for biological materials; packaging, handling, storage and transportation of agricultural commodities; nondestructive measurement of the quality and composition of biological materials; robotics, control and vision systems.