Chen, Pictiaw (Paul)
Engineering systems for harvesting and handling of fruits and vegetables; physical properties of agricultural materials; sensors for quality evaluation of agricultural products; machine design; analysis and design of linkages.

Curley, Robert G.
Extension methods. Equipment systems for harvesting and storage of grains, forage and cotton.

Delwiche, Michael
Electronic instrumentation and sensor development in biological systems; biosensors; postharvest engineering; digital signal and image processing; computer control; biological control of insect pests.

Fairbank, William C.
Design of livestock confinement and production facilities, including wastes requiring environmentally acceptable handling and disposal. Night harvest illumination of grapes for thermal benefits and labor availability.
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Garrett, Roger E.
Information-based systems for planting, cultivation, harvest and transport of vegetable crops.

Goss, John R.
Self-propelled combine harvest performance with small-seeded legumes, cereal grains, grass seed, castor bean, safflower and dry beans. Initiated Forest Engineering curriculum. Evaluation of gasification and fuel for engine operation from biomass,

Hartsough, Bruce
Harvesting to improve forest health and reduce fire danger; forest biomass for energy; minimum-impact harvesting methods; harvesting short rotation plantations; and modeling and systems analysis of forest operations.

Hills, David J.
Pressurized irrigation system design and hardware development for agriculture and urban landscape; system performance in trickle and sprinkle irrigation; wastewater recycling.

Krochta, John
Food packaging systems; edible coatings to control mass transfer, microbial growth and disintegration in foods; modeling to describe mass transfer in packaged and coated food systems; controlled release of bioactive compounds from biopolymers.

Marino, Miguel
Groundwater management, modeling, and pollution; planning, operation, and management of irrigation systems.

McCarthy, Kathryn
Food engineering; theoretical and experimental evaluation of transport processes in food processing and quality control applications, focus on rheological characterization and mathematical modeling of transport processes in food and personal care products.

McCarthy, Michael
Development/evaluation of novel magnetic resonance equipment to enable process analysis and control of industrial processes. Real-time noninvasive measurement of food quality attributes. Experimental and physics-based modeling investigations of transport phenomena relevant to food products and food processing.

Merson, R. Larry
Food engineering. Heat and mass transfer in food processing operations.

Meyers, James M.
Farm safety and agricultural ergonomics. Identification, analysis and control of agricultural workplace risk factors, with emphasis on ergonomics risk factors.

Miles, John A.
Forest engineering. Agricultural ergonomics related to labor-intensive agricultural operations. Safety issues related to agricultural forestry operations.

Morrison, Stanton R.
Animal environment, and the physiological responses of animals to high temperatures.
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Piedrahita, Raul
Aquacultural engineering with an emphasis on water quality: water treatment unit operations and computer modeling of water quality and of system hydrodynamics.

Plant, Richard
Applied artificial intelligence and expert systems; geographic information systems; integrated decision support systems for crop and pest management.

Rumsey, James W.
Applied farm machinery; farm shop and small farm management skills.

Rumsey, Thomas R.
Modeling and analysis of heat and mass transfer in processing and storage of agricultural materials.

Singh, R. Paul
Transport phenomena in food processing. Computational modeling of processing operations. Study of gastric digestion of foods, modeling of stomach functions, role of material properties and microstructure of foods in nutrient release in the gastro-intestinal tract.


Speck, Eugene P.
Management and design of field stations for agricultural research and extension.

Stiles, Martha
Farm safety and rural health; assisting farm families to live and work independently after a severe injury or disability.

Thompson, James
Postharvest operations including drying and refrigeration of fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, tree nuts, and grains; trnasportation of agricultural commodities; energy management and alternative energy systems.

Wallender, Wes
Modeling and measurement of precipitation- and irrigation-driven watersheds from submeter to kilometer scales. Specific subject matter interest includes water, energy and chemical transport for sustainable agroecosystems.

Yates, Wesley E.
Application of agricultural chemicals; Measurement and prediction of spray “drift”.

In Memoriam

Chancellor, William J. (1932-2017)
Mechanics of agricultural soils. Energy accounting in agriculture. Information flows in agricultural systems. Mechanization of agriculture in developing countries.
College of Engineering notable biography for Professor Emeritus Chancellor