Chemistry Lab

The Biological and Agricultural Engineering Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is a departmental facility which provides resources for data acquisition and analysis using Agilent Gas Chromatographs with FID and TCD detectors, Shimadzu High Performance Liquid Chromatographs with RID, PID, and UV-VIS detectors, and a UV-VIS spectrophotometer with an Integrating Sphere for solid material analysis. The lab also has a Texture Analyzer, vacuum cooler, several drying ovens, vacuum oven, other typical laboratory equipment. All equipment in the laboratory is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars who have completed all University and departmental lab and equipment specific safety training.  The lab provides technical support and instruction during weekdays for new users.

Contact for the lab:

Kameron Chun
Chemistry Lab Manager
Department Safety Coordinator
1322B Bainer Hall

Before students and visiting scholars can use the facility, they must first get an Initial Safety Training packet from the Biological & Agricultural Engineering Main Office in 2030 Bainer Hall.

Once one has met with their PI and gone over their Individual Safety Plan and the lab’s Job Safety Analysis form, they are required to complete UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Course before the facility or any of its equipment can be used.