Biotechnical Engineering


Biotechnology offers new ways of production using biological materials, organisms and systems. Leading research in this area enables the synthesis of  pharmaceuticals, biodegradable polymers, renewable fuels, and other bio-based products from diverse feedstocks. Faculty are developing of new crops for improved disease and pest resistance and adaptation to changing climate and conditions. Improved waste treatment and conversion, reduced environmental impact and enhanced overall sustainability.


Zhiliang (Julia) Fan
Metabolic engineering and biocatalyst development; fermentation processes and modeling; biological and chemical process design for renewable fuels and chemicals

Tina Jeoh
Biochemical engineering; enzyme systems; bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to fuels and chemicals; microencapsulation of bioactives; STEM education

Ning Pan
Physics of fibrous soft materials; biophysics and biomechanics in humantextile interactions; heat and mass transport phenomena; nanotechnology for energy storage

Zhongli Pan
Food processing and engineering; infrared technologies for sustainable processing and food safety; value-added processing; healthy and functional foods

Herbert Scher
Controlled release of bioactive compounds; hybrid spray systems; water-oil emulsions; spray coatings

Jean VanderGheynst
Biological engineering; transformation, decomposition and conversion of plant biomass to energy and products; algal production; beneficial use of wastes and residues; STEM education

Ruihong Zhang
Bioenvironmental engineering; pollution prevention and resource utilization; organic waste management; anaerobic digestion systems; air quality control for human and animal environments