Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering


Increasing population and shifting climate and social patterns raise major concerns for global food security.  Increased production and intensification of both plant and animal agriculture to address these concerns will require greater use of automation and precision management to improve resource use efficiency and overall sustainability.

California is a leader in specialty crop production with more than 400 commodities and an annual worth of more than $47 billion, but this production is also labor, energy and nutrient intensive and relies heavily on irrigation.  Significant opportunities exist for new and smarter engineered production systems to help maintain the competitiveness of the state’s agricultural industry.


Andre Daccache
Water resources management; irrigation engineering; crop and climate change modeling; hydraulic engineering

Irwin Donis-Gonzalez
Postharvest systems engineering; noninvasive evaluation of product quality; food safety; education and extension for postharvest systems

Fadi Fathallah
Biomechanics; exposure assessment and interventions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders among agricultural workers; ergonomics, safety, and health

D. Ken Giles
Spray dynamics; spray applications including pest management and industrial coatings; remotely piloted or unmanned aerial systems (UAS); reduction of environmental contamination

Mark E. Grismer
Hydrologic engineering; hillslope hydrology, irrigation and drainage, natural and constructed wetlands; land and resource management

Tien-Chieh Hung
Aquacultural engineering; computational fluid dynamics and biomimetic design; management of endangered aquatic species

Bryan M. Jenkins
Energy systems; systems engineering, analysis and optimization; biomass feedstock properties and logistics; thermochemical conversion systems; renewable energy; environmental impacts

Farzaneh Khorsandi
Ag Safety & Health (Engineering Control), Agricultural Machine Systems (Design and Test), Instrumentation, Finite Element Analysis, Agricultural Mechanization.

Isaya Kisekka
Agricultural water management, irrigation engineering; hydrology, crop modeling and decision support; global food security.

Kurt Kornbluth
Energy efficient engineering; energy in international development; social and economic effects; design innovation

Alireza (Ali) Pourreza
Precision agriculture/horticulture; agricultural mechanization; machine vision; agricultural robotics and automation; big data, hyperspectral/multispectral imaging; remote sensing and GIS.

Mir Shafii
Agricultural machine design and operation; teaching safe agricultural equipment operation

David Slaughter
Instrumentation and postharvest engineering for biological materials; nondestructive measurement of quality and composition; robotics; automation and control, machine vision systems

Shrini Upadhyaya
Precision agriculture; sensor development; instrumentation; machine design; geographic information systems (GIS); Global Positioning Systems (GPS); process modeling; soil dynamics

Stavros Vougioukas
Mechanization and automation engineering; robotics; actuators, sensors and control systems for optimal crop management