Bornhorst, GailAssistant Professor
Quantitative methods to understand material transport, breakdown, and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract to improve food safety and quality, increase consumer health benefits, and optimize food processing operations; methods to utilize food process engineering to optimize food functional properties, such as nutrient absorption or allergenicity; mixing and particle dynamics during peristaltic flow.

Daccache, Andre, Assistant Professor
Water resources management; irrigation engineering; crop and climate change modeling; hydraulic engineering.

De Moura-Bell, Juliana, Assistant Professor
Extraction and fractionation of food components; bioprocessing techniques, enzyme assisted aqueous extractions; fermentation; supercritical and subcritical extractions, value added processing

Ghebremariam, TewdrosAssistant Specialist
Mine big data set to gain useful insights of the management practice and biology of endangered fish species; quantify phenotypic and genetic parameters of endangered Delta Smelt at hatchery; assist genetically monitored breeding program and species conservation; development of fish rearing systems and maximize statistical power of experimental designs.

Donis-Gonzalez, IrwinCooperative Extension Specialist
Postharvest systems engineering; noninvasive evaluation of product quality; food safety; education and extension for postharvest systems

Fan, Zhiliang (Julia), Associate Professor
Advancing technologies for production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources. Metabolic engineering and biocatalyst development; fermentation process development and modeling; biological and chemical process design and economic evaluation.

Fathallah, Fadi, Professor
Exposure assessment and development of interventions for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders among agricultural workers; basic understanding of the effects of stooped postures and stooped work on the spine; biomechanics of ladders in agriculture.

Giles, D. Ken, Professor
Spray applications, including pesticide spraying and industrial spray coatings. Reduction of spray drift and environmental contamination. dkgiles@ucdavis.edu

Grismer, Mark, Professor
My primary research efforts are driven by practical environmental problems facing land and resource managers and discovery of the underlying processes affecting derivation of development of applicable methods or solutions to these problems. My focus remains largely directed at gaining a better understanding of hillslope hydrology, wetland and irrigation/drainage processes in the field.

Hung, Tien-Chieh, Assistant Adjunct Professor
Prof. Hung works in the area of aquacultural engineering including computational fluid dynamics and biomimetic design of particle filtration systems. He also is Director of the Fish Conservation and Culture Laboratory at Byron, California and manages the refuge population of the endangered Delta smelt.

Jenkins, Bryan, Professor and Department Chair
Energy systems in agriculture, biomass fuel production, thermal conversion, and environmental impacts; combustion and gasification of biomass fuels; properties of fuels; system models.

Jeoh, Tina, Associate Professor
Bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to fuels and chemicals. Microencapsulation of bioactives.

Khorsandi, Farzaneh, Assistant Extension Specialist
Ag Safety & Health (Engineering Control), Agricultural Machine Systems (Design and Test), Instrumentation, Finite Element Analysis, Agricultural Mechanization.

Kornbluth,Kurt,  Assistant Adjunct Professor
Development of technologies for efficient use of energy in various contexts. Application of innovative technologies to solving problems in developing areas of the world including engineering research as well as social and economic issues related to the needs and uses of energy.

Kisekka, Isaya, Assistant Professor
Agricultural water management, irrigation engineering; hydrology, crop modeling and decision support; global food security.

Mullin, Jennifer, Lecturer

Nitin, Nitin, Professor and Engineer
Using a combination of interdisciplinary approaches encompassing biomolecular engineering, mathematical modeling, material science and molecular imaging to develop technologies for addressing key issues in areas of food safety and food for health initiatives, and to develop molecular imaging technologies from a single cell level to a whole body imaging.

Pan, Ning, Professor
Physics of fibrous soft materials; biophysics and biomechanics in human-textile interactions; heat, mass and energy transport phenomena in porous media, nanotechnology in energy storage; and thermodynamics in heat transfer optimization.

Pan, Zhongli, Adjunct Professor
Professor Pan studies infrared heating technology for various food processes, including blanching, peeling, roasting, drying, disinfection and disinfestation. He also uses ultrasonic and pulsed electric field technologies for improving food processing efficiency.

Pourreza, Alireza (Ali)Assistant Agricultural Mechanization Specialist
Precision agriculture/horticulture; agricultural mechanization; machine vision; agricultural robotics and automation; big data, hyperspectral/multispectral imaging; remote sensing and GIS.

Shafii, Mir, Continuing Lecturer
Agricultural machinery design and operation.

Slaughter, David, Professor
Instrumentation and postharvest engineering for biological materials; packaging, handling, storage and transportation of agricultural commodities; nondestructive measurement of the quality and composition of biological materials; robotics, control and vision systems.

Upadhyaya, Shrini, Professor
Precision agriculture or SSCM, Sensor development, Instrumentation, Machinery design, Variability and mapping, GIS, Mathematical Modeling of biological and physical processes, Soil dynamics, Tillage, Traction, Soil compaction, and Infiltration and irrigation management. skupadhyaya@ucdavis.edu

VanderGheynst, Jean, Professor
Dr. VanderGheynst’s research addresses problems that involve the transformation, decomposition and conversion of plant biomass to products. Plants include dedicated crops and algae, food processing residues and urban and agricultural wastes.

Vougioukas, Stavros, Assistant Professor
Professor Vougioukas works in the area of mechanization and automation of specialty crops, focusing on the design, development, and testing of actuators, sensors and control systems for optimal management of inputs and products.

Zhang, Ruihong, Professor
Bioenvironmental engineering. Treatment of agricultural and food wastes for pollution prevention and resource utilization; air quality control for animal and human environments; study of biological, physical, and chemical processing techniques for organic waste conversion and nutrient management; control of gaseous and particulate emissions from animal feedlots and food processing facilities.