The Changing Agricultural Landscape in Peru

21 February 2019 By Benjamin Dally Over the past ten years, Peruvian agriculture has transformed. The industry has blossomed an, approximately, $2 billion industry in 2007 to over $7 billion in 2018. According to Manuel Lopez Ortiz, the Director of […]

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Incorporating SmartAg Certification with Dr. Tom Burks

7 February 2019 By Benjamin Dally Words like SmartAg, Precision Agriculture, and Digital Agriculture are quickly becoming everyday parts of Biological and Agricultural Engineering programs around the nation. To meet the food insecurities and sustainability challenges of tomorrow, it is […]

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Making Ag Your Business with Don Osias

31 January 2019 By Benjamin Dally “Good design and good engineering need each other,” mentioned Don Osias during the latest Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department’s Winter Quarter Seminar Series. As he spoke, it became clear that the good design Don […]

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