Graduate Admissions

Welcome! The Biological Systems Engineering (GBSE) graduate program at UC Davis provides a setting in which students can become leaders in environmental and agricultural research. We are a highly-ranked program where students develop knowledge through partnerships with faculty, industry and other students in various areas of engineering. Our program values diversity and inclusion as integral components of academic excellence.

Research areas

Biotechnological Engineering

Food Engineering

Agricultural and Natural Resource Engineering

Application Deadlines

Priority deadline to qualify for fellowships: January 15, 2019
General deadline: April 1, 2020
Space available deadline: June 1, 2020

Application Process
1. Begin your Graduate Application
2. Pay the application fee. Note: students who have participated in or are affiliated with certain programs (e.g. CAMP, LSAMP, UC LEADS, McNair Scholars) may be eligible for a fee wavier. See the Grad Studies website for details
3.  Send your GRE Scores to UC Davis
4.  Upload copies of transcripts from all institutions attended
5.  Provide three letters of recommendation
6.  If applicable submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. Learn more about minimum scores on the International Applicants page.

Admission Requirements

Highly qualified students with or without a BS degree in engineering may apply. However, students with a non-engineering BS degree need to meet additional prerequisites for admission and should make up deficiencies in engineering core and upper division courses as listed below.


In addition to the admission requirements stated above, applicants with non- engineering BS degree are expected to have passed with letter grades the following UC Davis equivalent science and mathematics courses:

i. Differential and Integral Calculus (Calculus – MATH 21 A, B & C; Vector Calculus – MATH 21 D; Linear Algebra – MATH 22 A; Differential Equations – MATH 22B).
ii. Physics (Classical Physics – PHY 9A & B; Electricity and Magnetism – PHY 9C)
iii. Chemistry (General Chemistry – CHE 2A & B)


Non-engineering students must pass with letter grade any missing UC Davis equivalent engineering core and upper division engineering courses listed below during their MS or Ph.D. program:

i. Circuits 1: ENG 17
ii. Statics: ENG (35)
iii. Circuits: ENG 100
iv. Dynamics: ENG 102
v. Fluids: ENG 103/EBS 103
vi. Mechanics of materials: ENG 104
vii. Thermodynamics: ENG 105, and
viii. Two additional upper division courses in engineering.

Admission Criteria

Admission is competitive. The minimum undergraduate GPA is at least 3.0. Your entire application will be evaluated by a committee of faculty in the GBSE program. All components are reviewed in a holistic matter so no single part can guarantee admission or denial into the program.

Incoming class admitted last year:
Average GPA: 3.4
Average GRE scores: 160 quantitative, 152 qualitative, 3.54 analytical writing
Gender: 50% female, 50% male