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?? Are You Ready for The Internet of Things ??

EBS 289K – Fall 2018   CRN: 43325

Robotics, Smart Machines and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Course Description: It is currently estimated[1] that by the year 2020 there will be in excess of 5 billion smart devices (not counting smartphones) that are connected to the internet and that are used by people in their daily lives (from coffee makers to self-driving cars).  The goals of this course are to allow students to gain technical competence in the theory and implementation of smart stationary and mobile devices (such as UGVs) embedded with electronics, sensors, actuators, software and that communicate via wireless network devices that are the fundamental basis of the modern Internet of Things (IoT).

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[1]  Nordrum, A.  2016.  Popular Internet of Things Forecast of 50 Billion Devices by 2020 is Outdated.