Jean VanderGheynst Selected for HERS Institute Women in STEM Leadership Program

By Bonnie Dickson (reposted from College of Engineering)

Executive Associate Dean Jean VanderGheynst was selected to attend the summer 2018 HERS Luce Program for Women in STEM Leadership – an intensive, two-week residential program designed to prepare women to assume senior leadership roles in higher education and foster a high-level professional community of women in STEM. Photo: Lucy Knowles/UC Davis

DAVIS, Calif.; Feb 2, 2018 – Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) announced yesterday that Jean VanderGheynst, executive associate dean of research and graduate studies at the UC Davis College of Engineering, was selected to attend the 2018 HERS Luce Program for Women in STEM Leadership – an intensive, two-week residential program designed to prepare women to assume senior leadership roles in higher education. The program is also designed to develop and promote structured peer and mentor connections for women in various stages of their STEM careers.

VanderGheynst is one of 65 women from across the United States who were selected to attend the Women in STEM Leadership program, which is designed to help participants gain the knowledge, skills and perspectives needed to advance as leaders in academia. VanderGheynst is also one of just six women who received a Clare Booth Luce Scholarship. The scholarship provides full tuition, accommodations, meals and travel to and from the program.

“It is an honor for me to be selected for this prestigious program that aims to improve leadership opportunities for women in STEM,” VanderGheynst said.

In addition to her duties as associate dean for the College of Engineering, VanderGheynst is a professor of biological and agricultural engineering at UC Davis. She was previously the associate dean for undergraduate studies from 2009-2013 and served as interim dean of the college in 2015.

More than $9 million of her extramural funding at UC Davis has been in support of undergraduate and graduate student preparation in engineering. This includes a NSF GK-12 award to improve leadership, communication and collaboration skills, and teaching capabilities for engineering graduate students pursuing research in the areas of renewable energy, climate change and environmental sustainability.

Among her awards, VanderGheynst has received the UC Davis Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring Award, the Farrall Young Educator Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering for excellence in teaching and the Outstanding Mentor Award from the UC Davis Consortium for Women and Research Advisory Board for mentoring women’s research.

The 2018 HERS Luce Program for Women in STEM Leadership program will take place at Bryn Mawr College, just outside of Philadelphia from July 9-21.

Read the original press release for this announcement here.