Dr. Zhongli Pan received Technology Transfer Award of Pacific West Area of USDA-ARS

Drs. Pan and Venkitasamy of UCD and Justin McCurdy of Wizard Manufacturing Inc. at infrared walnut drying facility.

Dr. Zhongli Pan, an  Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biological &Agricultural Engineering and Research Engineer of the Healthy Processed Foods Research Unit at the Western Regional Research Center of USDA-ARS, received the Technology Transfer Award for the Pacific West Area of USDA-ARS.

The award is to recognize Dr. Pan and his team for successful transfer and high impact of three innovative infrared processing technologies that significantly improved energy and processing efficiencies, quality, healthfulness and safety of foods. The team included many researchers at UC Davis and USDA-ARS as well as other collaborators in the food industry. The high energy, efficient, infrared heating technologies have been successfully developed and commercialized for walnut drying, producing fruit- and vegetable-based snacks and tomato peeling, which sustainably produce healthy and safe food projects.

Congratulations to Dr. Pan!