The 61st annual Weed Day 2017

The 61st annual Weed Day was held July 13.  Hosted by UC Davis Plant Sciences, BAE was also involved.

Weed Day is an annual event held by the University of California Davis.  Its purpose is to fulfill our Outreach Mission and to share our state-of-the-art research findings with the agricultural industry and the public.  The event typically has 150 visitors to the Davis campus and a range of faculty in the CAES and ANR are on campus to show the public on-farm demonstrations of new findings and new approaches to agricultural challenges related to weed control in California crops.

At the 2017 Weed Day Event, members of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering demonstrated a new approach to automated weed control in vegetable crops.  The novel concept uses Crop Signaling technology developed at UC Davis to create a machine readable plant that can be readily identified with 100% accuracy by a weeding robot.  A prototype smart machine was demonstrated at the event and the participants were able to view, in person, a processing tomato field that had been automatically weeded using the UC Davis Crop Signaling Weeding Robot.