About Us

The UC Davis Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering has existed for more than 100 years, teaching and discovering cutting edge biological and agricultural engineering research. Building upon our past to reach into the future, our vision is to be the global leader in the science and engineering of biological and agricultural systems through excellence in teaching, research, and outreach.

We are committed to using our role as a leader in the field of biological and agricultural engineering as a developer of cutting edge science and technology, and an educator of the next generation of scientists and engineers to build a better future, together. We are committed to investing in our students, investigating new and directions and approaches, and partnering with industry and our community to create impactful solutions that will shape the future of the biological, agricultural, and technological world we live in; and we are committed to working together to shape our future.

The department graduates students majoring in Biological Systems Engineering (BSE). BSE is an engineering major that uses life sciences as its main scientific base.  With rapid advances in biology and biotechnology, engineers are needed to work side by side with life scientists to bring laboratory developments into commercial production or field application.  Industries in bioenergy, bioprocessing, biotechnology, food processing, aquaculture, agriculture, plant production, animal production, and forest production all need engineers with strong training in biology.  The heightened concern for environmental resources and their preservation generates many engineering opportunities as society strives to maintain balance within the biosphere.

Our faculty members are experts in a wide range of subjects that involve food processing including: infrared heating technology, microencapsulation of bioactives; postharvest engineering for packaging, handling, storage and transport; utilization of and applications for food waste; crop automation and mechanization; and food process engineering to improve food safety.

Biological Systems Engineering graduates take jobs in the biotech, food, and medical industries; work for state and federal agencies; or pursue graduate work.  Students can also use the program as a pathway to professional schools in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, or business.