Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Video Highlights

  • BAE Faculty win EurAgEng Outstanding Paper award
    Congratulations to professors David Slaughter and Fadi Fatallah, whose paper “Co-robotic intra-row weed control system” has won the Biosystems Engineering Outstanding Paper Adward. This was presented at the EurAgEng Assembly yesterday in Aahrus University (Denmark). The paper was co-authored by Manuel Pérez-Ruíza, David C. Slaughter, Fadi A. Fathallah, Chris J. Gliever and Brandon J. Miller.  It  appeared in ...
  • The Phenotyping Robot
    Robotic In-field Phenotyping for 3D Reconstruction of Plant Architecture While the genomes of many plant species important to the food supply have now been sequenced our ability to translate those advances in understanding into rapid advancement in crop cultivars is dramatically inhibited by manual methods of functionally linking plant response with environmental and genotype interactions. Robotic high-throughput ...
  • UC Davis Explores Pasture-Raised Chickens
    UC Davis Explores Pasture-Raised Chickens
  • Why I chose BAE
    Why I chose BAE
  • Robotic Strawberry Harvest Aid
    UC Davis graduate students Vic Jang and Garren Lewis brought their robotic strawberry harvesting aid to a nearby commercial strawberry farm to do some field testing on Friday, April 3, 2015. Their robotic research may help improve the efficiency and labor costs of strawberry harvesting.
  • Graduate students perform ‘All about Cellulase’ at the Integrated Graduate and Professional Symposium
    Jeoh lab members of UC Davis (all Ph D students :D) were putting on a live performance at the Integrated Graduate and Professional Symposium (IGPS) 2015. We have worked really hard to choreograph, create lyrics and amazing costumes for this big performance about Biofuels.
  • Amanda Hildebrand: Ph.D. Student in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    Meet UC Davis Ph.D. student Amanda Hildebrand as she discusses her research in the field of biological and agricultural engineering. Amanda is currently working on finding an efficient way to convert cellulosic biomass to useful fuels and chemicals. She hopes that her research will help advance the commercialization of clean burning fuels in industry.
  • Biogas Energy Project: Turning Waste into Energy
        Waste to Energy