Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Western Center for Agricultural Equipment

Joe A. Heidrick, Sr.
Western Center for Agricultural Equipment


Street Address (may not yet be fully represented in all online maps)

154 Hills Drive
University of California at Davis
Davis, CA 95616

530-752-1898 / 530-848-6446


Far West Equipment Dealers Association classroom

New Holland Project & Demonstration Lab
Paulsen Lecture Room
Olsen General Teaching Lab
Mehlschau Design & Development Lab


ABT15 Wood Properties & Fabrication
ABT16 Metal Properties & Fabrication
ABT49 Field Equipment Operation
ABT52 Field Equipment Welding
ABT101 Engine Technology
ABT142 Equipment & Technology for Small Farms
ABT317 Teaching Ag Mechanics
EBS170 Senior Design Project (remote work area and shop access)


FFA Ag Science Field Day
Research Meetings
Extension Meetings
Training Workshops
Training by and for Equipment Industry
Other BAE & Mission-related activities


Field equipment research by numerous BAE Faculty
(spraying, harvesting, weeding, precision ag, unmanned aerial vehicles, and more)
UC Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center ( )


Training/Events/Information: Victor Duraj — O: 530-752-1898 C: 530-848-6446 F: 530-752-3812 email:
ABT Courses: Dr. Mir Shafii — O: 530-754-7905 email:
BAE Department Chair: Dr. Raul Piedrahita — O: 530-752-0102 email:

BAE web site:

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