Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Special Seminar: Use of Animals for Transportation in Remote-Terrain/Emergency Logistics Situations

Friday, November 20, 2015
1:30 PM

Special Seminar — in the series: What Happened to Me After I Graduated from UC Davis?

2033 Bainer Hall



Use of Animals for Transportation in Remote-Terrain and/or Emergency Logistics Situations



BAE Alumna Eve Iversen
Fellow: Royal Geographical Society (London)

Graduated from BAE in 1996 with a Master’s Degree in International Agricultural Development




I researched the use of pack and draft animals to transport food and emergency supplies during international disasters. This was inspired by the problems moving supplies during the famine in Eritrea and Ethiopia from 1983 to 1985.

In 1985 during my service as a Transportation Corps officer I was assigned the Special Forces. I developed new doctrine and training in the use of all draft and pack animals from dogs to elephants. My adventure was detailed in Emmett Essin’s book SHAVETAILS & BELLSHARPS: THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. ARMY MULE (1997) pages 201-202.

My 568 page UCD thesis “Animal-based Transportation For Emergency Logistics” was published in 1996 and based on that work. It is a fully illustrated operational handbook. It covers all the aspects of using hundreds of donkeys, camels, and oxen to move food to isolated encampments where trucks could not go and airdrops destroyed food.

During OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM I gave it and any supplementary advice to Special Forces as source material to produce a new field manual and training program.

I wrote, and assisted in the production and direction of “Bred for the Furrow”, a 35-minute instructional video tape that was produced with Instructional Media at the University of California, Davis.

The rational for the continuing employment of draft animals is explained as a class of Agriculture Engineering students are shown how to plow with a pair of Shire horses. The parts and function of a standard farm harness are explained.

This tape is part of the teaching collection of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and the University of California. On sale through the University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning


Coffee and cookies will be served.

2033 Bainer Hall 430 Bainer Hall Dr.

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