Biological and Agricultural Engineering

February 3 – BAE Departmental Seminar: Mobile Irrigation System for Ugandan Agriculture

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
1:10 PM

2045 Bainer Hall



Mobile Irrigation System for Ugandan Agriculture




Noelle Patterson and Wayland Singh

Biological Systems Engineering ‘14

University of California, Davis




The Mobile Irrigation System (MIS) is an irrigation solution targeted for small and medium scale farmers in Uganda. The MIS was created by UC Davis alumni Abraham Salomon, who currently lives in Uganda, developing agricultural innovations through his company Agriworks Uganda. The irrigation system mounts on a motorcycle, giving it complete mobility and flexibility of use. The irrigation is powered by two pumps in series, consisting of a portable 30m head pump and a small booster pump powered by the motorcycle’s engine. Three students in Biological Systems Engineering, Wayland Singh, Charles Wong, and Noelle Patterson, worked to advance the prototype Mobile Irrigation System for their Senior Design project with advisor Dr. Kurt Kornbluth. The three students built an improved model of the MIS which was displayed at the Engineering Design Showcase in spring 2014. During the following summer, Noelle and Wayland traveled to Uganda to implement the project with their client Abraham Salomon. This seminar will follow the work of the students, from their Senior Design project on campus to their field work in Uganda.


2045 Bainer Hall University of California Davis

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