Biological and Agricultural Engineering

March 10 – BAE Departmental Seminar: Dr. Pramod Pandey

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
1:10 PM

2045 Bainer Hall



Model for Enhancing Water Sustainability in Rainfed Regions




Dr. Pramod Pandey,

Department of Population Health and Reproduction, School of Veterinary Medicine,

UC Cooperative Extension, University of California Davis



Crop production in rainfed land is crucial for meeting the global food demand. Rainfed crops contribute approximately 60-70% to the world crop production. Currently in many regions such as sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, rainfed farming is crucial for total GDP. Despite considerable contribution to the GDP, rainfed farming suffers mainly due to water deficit during dry seasons. Rainwater savings in farm-scale reservoirs has a potential to increase crop yields in rainfed regions significantly, and support rural community sustainability. In this study, a model capable of estimating rainwater harvesting potential for agricultural purposes was developed. The model predicts the supplemental irrigation (SI) requirement of rainfed crops and water availability. The tool developed here can be potentially useful in designing a farm-scale reservoir system for water recycling and enhancing crop production in rainfed regions, hence enhancing water sustainability.

2045 Bainer Hall University of California Davis

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