Biological and Agricultural Engineering

BAE Departmental Seminar: Water, Drought, and Agriculture in California

Monday, September 28, 2015
1:00 PM

1:10 PM, 2045 Bainer Hall

Topic: Water, Drought, and Agriculture in California


Speaker:  Dr. Jay Lund, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, Center for Watershed Science, University of California, Davis



The talk will review water supply and agriculture in California, with particular reference to the current drought.  The role of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta currently and in the future also will be addressed.  California has a dry Mediterranean climate and native ecosystems, a global-scale economy, a large population, and globally-significant agriculture.  Reconciling these objectives in California’s climate will remain an enduring, important, and ever-changing problem.

Coffee and cookies will be served.


If you are interested in being a speaker, please email Tien-Chieh Hung (

2045 Bainer Hall University of California Davis

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